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How I Stumbled on the Power of Singing Orgasms

With National Day of Orgasm just around the corner, I felt compelled to share what I discovered about a cool type of orgasm you’ve probably never heard of that we can all experience.

‘You can’t write’s way too risqué!’

And the big one... ‘What if my Dad reads it?!’

My ego is having a field day trying to sabotage this piece on the still taboo topic of self-pleasure, somehow managing to cause some people to be very awkward and judgmental about it - even though we all do it!!

Thankfully it’s been normalized to a huge degree with the advent of ‘Sex Toy’ Party Plan gatherings in lounge rooms across the world and much more 'Sex and the City' style, open conversations, between friends about who’s vibrator is ‘the best’ over a glass of wine and much laughter.

The inner dialogue continues….

‘Be brave, it’s important to share.’

‘Don’t be a wuss’ the inner voice insists.

Thank God courage wins out saying ‘F#%k it, I’m doing it.’ …… to keep reading please see the full article on Elephant Journal....

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