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Hello Beauty, It’s time to completely transform your perspective and honour your spiritual awakening. 
Would you like to hear what your soul is saying to you so you can consciously co-create the life you desire? 

You’re in the right place! 

Through a fusion of intuitive readings, coaching, energy work and mentoring, this work puts you back in the drivers seat of your life and purpose, as you reconnect with your intuition and design your life from the inside out, with joy and connection at the centre.


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I have helped 10,000+ women decrease overwhelm by de-cluttering their houses and heads with my Organise Your Life - Household Organiser (Your Life in Lists). After doing that for 18yrs I felt a strong call from my Soul to mentor women ready for change. It is my mission to reach over 10,000 more women to 'wake up' and realise their full potential.


I use a combination of tools to help shift your mindset and your energetics. I have a Bachelor of Education, Majoring in Psychology, am an Intuitive Guide/ Energy Worker, a qualified Coach and Reiki Practitioner. I also use various Stress Management Techniques, Positive Psychology & Growth Mindset strategies. I offer a fusion Soul guidance with card readings and lifestyle strategy mentoring. 


I know what it takes to go from stressed and depressed to being in the flow of life and navigating challenges coming from your higher self with way more fun and connection. Back then I could barely get out of bed. Deciding what to make for dinner seemed impossible. I felt like no one understood me. All my relationships suffered. Everything was overwhelming. It's taken me years of research and trial and error to get where I am today. I'm the happiest and most content I've ever been can help you get to this place too. We're not meant to do it alone. 


I speak to groups of women on topics such as Holistic Health & Wellbeing, Mindset, Anxiety & Depression, Dealing with Grief, Tuning into your Intuition, Energy Work, Positive Parenting, Juicier Intimate Relationships in both small and large settings. 


During my 25 year career covering Health, Wellness and Education I have been interviewed on topics such as Preventative Health and Wellbeing, Organising/ Decluttering your house and head, Mind|Body Medicine. I have been on various TV programs, and numerous Magazines and Newspapers including – A Current Affair, Today Tonight, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, The Age, The Herald Sun & Real Living.

If you would like to request an interview please get in touch.

Mobile 0400 057 912


If you already know that we are a good fit, you can go ahead and schedule an appointment now!

Client Testimonials

'Claire is INCREDIBLE at what she does!....Claire she made me feel at ease, and

completely different about the problems I had.' Sharnae

'Claire is the most amazing woman. You feel at ease straight away.... She has lots of wisdom to share on healthy lifestyle and her spiritual knowledge is very in-depth.' Leanne


‘Claire peppers the sessions with humour, while helping you tackle big issues.’ May

'Claire's ability to weave her depth of knowledge and wisdom to help me clarify what it is I am hoping to achieve on a soul level is phenomenal.' Michelle

‘Claire has given me has been the ability to get the "essence" of me back again.’ Debbie

‘Claire’s insight was so helpful and I have now reconnected with a deepened sense of trust and knowing of myself and my Truth. This is such a gift as it gives me the faith and openness to act moving forward.’ Lena

‘Claire’s reading was insightful and helpful, I highly recommend her for that ‘deep’ soul work. Powerful!’ Zara

‘Claire and it was so affirming, uplifting and educational. Claire has a really calm and loving energy and she really takes the time to explain and explore with you.’ Nicole


‘I get excited about my sessions with Claire because I know I’m going to be able to

 work through what’s troubling me.’ Catherine

'Claire is absolutely brilliant in how she shares exactly what you need at that time.

She is honest and authentic...' Annabelle

Check out my Facebook Page for many more 'Reviews & Recommendations' of happy clients who have experienced the transformation you can feel too.....More love, more joy, more personal growth than you could ever imagine achieving on your own.

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“Life is like a parachute. Best when open”

Frank Zappa

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